Cutting Edge Care

At Peninsula Podiatry, our podiatrists are committed to being at the forefront of offering cutting-edge care to their foot and ankle patients. 

They strives to find long-term solutions, combining revolutionary non-invasive technology and innovations in healthcare that can provide their patients with alternative treatment options that are minimally invasive. 

Our podiatrists goal is to restore their patients’ health with as little disruption as possible so they are symptom-free and enjoying life again.

Dr. Neitzel was voted as a “2019 Central Kitsap Best Physician” finalist. Peninsula Podiatry is a top-ranked medical provider within the community. 

As specialists focused on foot and ankle reconstructive surgery, our team can provide a unique combination of expertise, courtesy, and trustworthiness that we think you will enjoy. Our podiatrists are passionate about what they do and excited to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Peninsula Podiatry is dedicated to researching and offering top-of-the-line conservative and surgical services for your feet.

Why is it important to Our Podiatrists to provide cutting-edge care?

Patients want to know that their doctor is up-to-date on all current treatment options and that they have choices regarding their healthcare.

By offering our patients various treatment options, our team can shift patient care from insurance-dictated care to individualized independent care plans that fit our patients’ needs and lifestyles. Some of the benefits can include faster recovery times and reduced costs.

What cutting-edge care is available at Peninsula Podiatry?

Peninsula Podiatry is on the cutting edge of healthcare, offering foot and ankle patients alternatives to surgery and several opportunities for minimally invasive surgery.

Acellular Amnion-Derived Allograft

NuDYN Acellular Amnion-Derived Allograft is an injectable, all-natural liquid matrix to heal injured, inflamed, or chronically painful areas. It is an alternative to surgery. While NuDYN is not considered stem cell therapy, it is regenerative medicine.

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are prescription medical devices you wear inside your shoes designed specifically for your feet to meet your unique needs. 

They can help with a wide array of foot and ankle conditions, correcting structural and biomechanical foot issues such as problems with how you walk, stand, or run. They can also help to manage painful foot conditions.

At Peninsula Podiatry, the most up-to-date technology is used to acquire digital scans of the foot. This creates the most accurate mold of your foot possible. We can customize these orthotics to fit all shoes, even heels, and provides complimentary adjustments if needed. Learn More »

Minimally Invasive Surgery

At Peninsula Podiatry, we can offer many procedures using minimally invasive surgery techniques. 

Minimally invasive surgery allows your surgeon to use specific surgical techniques that limit the size and number of incisions needed during a surgical procedure. As a result, your surgeon can perform surgery without cutting into a lot of skin and muscle.

Surgeons who perform minimally invasive surgery have very specialized training in addition to the traditional open-surgery training obtained by podiatric surgeons. These surgeries involve specialized instruments and skills to operate small incision sites.

Most patients with painful bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, forefoot calluses/deformities, or heel pain are excellent candidates for this surgical approach. Learn More »

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To find out if you are a candidate for cutting-edge care services, please call Peninsula Podiatry at (360) 245-2248 or schedule an appointment online.

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