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We offer a wide array of services including conservative and surgical treatments, the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, diabetic foot care, wound care and limb salvage, and more.

Peninsula Podiatry is designed to meet the unique and changing medical needs of all patients from children into the golden years. Our team offers coordinated and supportive care and are committed to providing world-class care to all of our patients by working closely with the other physicians on a patient’s healthcare team.

Peninsula Podiatry offers conservative treatments and surgical consultations at our office at 9927 Mickelberry Rd. Suite 121 in Silverdale Washington.

Podiatric Services We Provide”

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Foot and Ankle Surgery Foot and Ankle Surgery Service offers a full range of care, including reconstructive foot surgery and treatment for fractures and other injuries, as well treatment for foot and ankle problems associated with diabetes. Special services include treatment for degenerative foot condition, fusion procedures and joint replacement.

Dr. Sarah Neitzel

Dr. Neitzel, Foot and Ankle doctor in Kitsap County, WA. Graduated medical school and attended residency training in Chicago as …

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