Diabetes Informational Resources

Whether you are new to a diagnosis of diabetes or have ever wondered what you could do better to help manage your long standing diabetes, scouring the internet for useful information through all the advertisements and poor advice can be a daunting task. In this quick post, I have tried to help sort through the endless information to direct you towards sites with diabetes information I feel is valuable for patients.

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General Diabetic Information Sites

Diabetes Self-Management

-A great site with multiple categories of information pertaining to management of diabetes. Everything from choosing diabetic shoes to blood sugar management and great recipe options.


-Site for the American Diabetes Association. This site contains useful comprehensive and reliable free information on both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes as well as resources for nutrition and meal planning.

Diet Control Information and Diet Planning Sites


-The American Diabetes Association also has this site called MyFoodAdvisor. It helps you plan meals, provides shopping lists and recipe options for healthy living and blood sugar control. I’ve had many of these recipes personally- they are delicious!


-If you are trying to control your diet, whether for losing weight or managing diabetes, one of the best ways is to come up with a diet plan. This source from the Mayo Clinic helps breakdown into simple terms which foods to enjoy and which to avoid.


-Very indepth guide to foods, serving sizes and meal planning. This is in a downloadable pdf.

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