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Yard Work Shoes

The Grass is Always Greener in Your Yard… Until the Heel Pain Strikes! The trouble is your yard work shoes…   Here in the Pacific Northwest (and much of the country), the weather is finally nice enough to be outside and people are hurrying to get out into their yards to work. Whether gardening and […]

Help my unsightly toes! Do my toenails have fungus?

Unsightly toenails and toenail fungus are some of the most common complaints that come into my office leading into the summer season and sandals weather. And this complaint is not limited to just women; many of my male patients are concerned about the look and condition of their toenails as well. While there are many […]


This time of year we are starting to think about those summer beach bodies, and the pressure of fitting into last year’s summer clothes has us rushing to our running shoes. Unfortunately, a lot of information online has fitness routines that advertise getting that “beach bod” or “tight toned legs” within just a matter of […]

Hiking Pacific Northwest

The mountains are calling… where are my hiking boots?!?! Here in the Pacific Northwest, the rains are subsiding and more sunny days are peaking through the winter cloud cover. Generally, this is when we all begin daydreaming about the beautiful hikes we will be attempting this season. But before you just throw on last years […]

Diabetes Informational Resources

Whether you are new to a diagnosis of diabetes or have ever wondered what you could do better to help manage your longstanding diabetes, scouring the internet for useful information through all the advertisements and poor advice can be a daunting task. In this quick post, I have tried to help sort through the endless […]

Heel Stretching Exercise

Heel Stretching for Plantar Fasciitis Heel pain is a common and extremely frustrating problem, especially after beginning a new fitness routine. While you should consult a physician before attempting home treatments, to ensure that the problem is not more complicated, the most common treatment option is stretching of the calf muscles. This is just one […]

Help! How did I get Shin Splints?

“I started running and got Shin Splints- what now??” One very common New Year’s resolution is to get in shape by running. While this can be a great new hobby, often people end up with injuries right at the start, discouraging them from pursuing running further. When a new running routine is implemented, initial injuries […]

Choosing Shoes for your Fitness Goals

Choosing shoes for your New Year’s Fitness Goals Evaluate your old tennis shoes BEFORE you start! Generally, for an active person, I recommend new tennis shoes every 9-12 months (or 350-400miles). If you are planning to start your new fitness routine using those 5-year-old shoes that you also use for gardening, do yourself a favor […]

Foot and Ankle Pain is Not Normal!

Foot and Ankle Fatigue is Not Normal Many people working on their feet all day tend to accept foot pain and fatigue as just another part of life, but the truth is, its not. Having tired feet or pain in your feet after walking, running, or standing for the day is not normal and is […]

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