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Experience modern foot & ankle care at Peninsula Podiatry. Led by our podiatrist, Dr. Sarah Neitzel, we employ cutting-edge solutions that bring lasting relief.

Why Choose Peninsula Podiatry

At Peninsula Podiatry, we’re not just redefining foot care; we’re revolutionizing it with innovative solutions that deliver tangible benefits. We offer effective & holistic treatment options from expert podiatrists.

With groundbreaking techniques and state-of-the-art therapies, our approach ensures your care is tailored to your distinct needs, maximizing your chances of a full recovery.

We go beyond insurance-driven care, crafting plans that match your needs, preferences, and priorities.

Experience faster recovery, lower medical costs, and a tailored treatment approach that transforms your journey and highlights the power of personalized care.

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Advanced Treatments

Plantar Fasciitis & Tendonitis

Experience relief from discomfort and chronic pain due to conditions like chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis), tendonitis, and pain in the bottom of your feet due to fat pad loss.

Our skilled foot doctors offer cutting-edge services that redefine conventional methods, providing groundbreaking, minimally-invasive options that offer long-term solutions.

Acellular Amnion-Derived Allograft (NuDYN)
• Heals injuries and chronically painful areas
• Minimally-invasive alternative to surgery
• Extra protection, lubrication, and support for the feet

Leneva Injectable Allograft
• Minimally-invasive way to address fat pad loss
• Regrow your foot’s fat pad
• Find relief from forefoot and heel pain

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Cutting-Edge Non-Injection Treatments

To Heal Painful Feet

Discover effective alternatives for pain relief with our non-injection solutions, tailored to address a range of common foot conditions.

Our innovative solutions are meticulously crafted to provide effective relief from common foot discomforts and conditions, offering enhanced comfort without resorting to surgery or injections.

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Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus
• Pain-free toenail fungus treatment
• Non-medication treatment
• Non-invasive, no incision required
• Minimal side effects & no downtime

Shockwave Therapy
• Non-surgical, non-injection treatment option
• Resolve persistent Achielles tendonitis
• Reduces pain and promotes healing

Custom Orthotics
• Relief from chronic pain
• Corrects structural and biomechanical issues
• Optimal fit molded to your foot’s contours

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